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Wedding Video is a unique way to tell a story. As Kathmandu Wedding Studio Cinematographers, we are able to use two things in the video that you can’t get in photography. Motion, which allows a sequence to be told.

Our studio offers the following video services:

When you hire us for both photo and video, you ensure consistency in your story and quality from start to finish. Our photographers and videographers work seamlessly hand in hand with a single creative director throughout the day, therefore there are no problems with people getting in each other’s shots, or inconsistencies in the final memories that are created for you.

Kathmandu Wedding Studio has upmost experience in wedding videography. We want to make certain that our services exceed the requirements of clients and they will leave with a wedding experience that is completely satisfactory and up to their standards. We will ensure that our videography services capture the entire event which serves as an everlasting memory between families and friends. The videography services we provide will serve as a memento for a service that should never be forgotten.

Kathmandu Wedding Studio

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